Why Study French?
  • French is one of the world's major international languages and is spoken by over 200 million people in 43 countries, across five continents. Knowing French increases your chances of communicating in a non-English-speaking country.

  • Knowing French expands opportunities for travel.  More tourists visit France every year than any other nation.

  • Approximately 45% of English vocabulary comes from French. As you learn French, you also enhance your grammar and vocabulary skills in English.

  • A knowledge of French can open doors to graduate school, important research, and careers in the fields of medicine, the environment, business, engineering, and science and technology. American companies well established in France include: IBM, Microsoft, Mattel, Dow Chemical, Sara Lee, Ford, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Motorola, Steelcase, and Johnson & Johnson.

  • 2,800 French companies in the US employ approximately 550,000 Americans. US companies employ nearly 650,000 people in France. Among foreign countries doing business in the US, France employs the third largest number of Americans.

Source:  University of Michigan, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

francophone map

Infographic: The Importance of studying a language

Interested in pursuing a career in business?  This ABC news article discusses the practicality of knowing French.

French as the language of the future?  This article states that more than 750 million people will be speaking French by 2050!
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