Information for Parents
Helping your child with French class
There is some very helpful information about our World Language Department and strategies for success in the foreign language classroom on the SMSD World Language Department website

Additionally, it is helpful for parents to know that students in La Société Honoraire de Français
 (French National Honor Society) offer free tutoring for students who need extra help understanding the French curriculum.  If you think your child would benefit from this program, please ask him/her to speak with Mrs. Bailey about this opportunity.

Students can also make arrangements in advance to work with Mrs. Bailey during the daily resource period or after school.  Before and after-school study sessions can also be arranged as necessary, but should be discussed with Mrs. Bailey at least two school days in advance.

Dates to remember
First day of school - August 25, 2022
End of MP 1 - October 28, 2022
End of MP 2/semester 1 - January 19, 2023
First day of MP 3/semester 2 - January 20, 2023
End of MP 3 - March 28, 2023
Last day of school - June 7, 2023

Grading/Accessing Student Grades
Grading in Mrs. Bailey's classroom will be weighted using the following categories which follow the grading philosophy of the SMSD World Language Department.

Interpretive Communication (reading/listening) - 30%
Presentational Communication (writing/speaking) - 30%
Interpersonal Communication (writing/speaking)- 30%
Homework/Classwork/Participation - 10%

Student grades can be accessed using the Sapphire portal and entering the user id and password provided for you by the district.
  With the exception of larger projects, grades for each assignment will be posted within seven days of the assigned due date.