College Application Process

College 101:

Students and parents often have many question in the beginning stages of college planning.   It's hard to know where to begin!  Check out the resources below.

College Planning 9-10th grade

College Planning 11th grade

College Planning 12th grade

Big Future is a CollegeBoard resource that helps you find colleges that will be a good fit for you based on what is important to you.

This college application timeline can help keep you organized during the college application process.   

This College Advising Essentials handbook is a great collection of information to help with college planning. 

Requesting Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation:

After a student has submitted his or her application to a college, university, or technical school, he or she most likely needs to request official transcripts to be sent.  Letters of recommendation may also need to be sent.  These things are done through the student's Naviance account.

Please click HERE for the PowerPoint explaining how to navigate Naviance and request transcripts.

Please click HERE for step by step written instructions on how to add the colleges to which you are applying to your Naviance account and request transcripts and letters of recommendation.

Writing a Successful College Application Essay Presentation