The list of scholarships given by businesses, organizations, families, and individuals to the students of Boiling Springs High School can be found by on your Naviance account.  Please log into Naviance and scroll to the bottom left of the homepage.  Click on the "Document Resources" link to find the list local scholarship applications.     

If the application requests a transcript, you are able to log into your Sapphire account and find your unofficial transcript in your backpack.  

Scholarship Guidance

Click below for websites that provide scholarship searches.  Many of them will require creating an account to access the opportunities. 
The Foundation for Enhancing Communities - Cumberland County
College Board Search 
College Express
Raise Me

College Board has a program for students beginning in their junior year.  It is a series of six steps to help guide through the college process.  As steps are completed, students are eligible for various scholarships.  Click below for details. 
College Board Scholarship Program